Jake – Newborn


Thank you so much Michelle and Ryan for letting me capture your handsome little peanut. He is truly  adorable! He was such an angel for this session too. Slept when we wanted him to sleep – was awake for some wide eye pictures! I can not wait to watch him grow into a little dude! I am so glad you guys are finally parents and get to experience the joys of being a momma and dad – it is one of the best feelings in the world! I hope you enjoy your photos!
Love you!


P1010689 P1010705-2 P1010688 P1010421-2 P1010414 P1010395-2 P1010313-2 P1010296-2 P1010211 P1010201-4 P1010192  P1000843-2P1000793  P1000681-2 P1000658 P1000642P1000706-2P1000633-2 P1000353

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